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Callers Units

Leisure Electronics manufacture and install a wide variety of parti-bingo caller's units. These can be made up to your requirements, but most have the features listed below - which can, of course, be tailored to your club and budget. Pictured is a unit with the call button, reset button and caller's keyboard in front of the caller's display.

  • Colour monitor
  • Automatic conveyor control, which can be linked to the reset button
  • Winning card prompt
  • Jackpot facility
  • Stage-backup facility, including link, so that called numbers are not lost in the event of equipment failure.

Our product range includes 'sole' units - designed specifically for participation bingo - and a range of units which can combine the main-stage and parti-bingo callers' positions, or house positions for both parti-bingo cashier and caller. The cashier and caller units are usually made up of one large desk with two monitors and two keyboards.

The main-stage and parti-bingo combined units can be a one- or two-monitor unit with the first monitor showing the caller's information and the second usually showing what is seen on the public displays. It is also possible to have two completely separate caller's units, although this requires more space.

It is also possible to have other extras added to the parti-bingo caller's unit, such as a remote cashier's keyboard. This is an option which can be useful when the caller's and cashier's keyboards are a distance apart but the caller is still required to change the game type, stake and so forth.