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Bingo Equipment

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Cash Bingo Barriers

Cash Bingo barriers provided by Leisure Electronics offer the following features:-

  • Cash conveyors
  • Manual cash boxes
  • Player claim buttons
  • Coin mechanisms or raceways to suit your requirements
  • Valid/Credit indicators or LEDs.
  • Inlaid playing cards if required
  • Low-level barrier sections
  • Saddle coin-mechanism housing
  • Integral holders for playing disks, if required
  • Built-in loudspeakers
  • Seven-segment display for credit/current number
  • Full-size or mini-shutterboards
  • Integral play-board holders
  • Raised raceway and display housing

Cash bingo barriers form a part of the seating and table arrangements in a club. They allow players to remain at their tables while paying for new games, and staff deliver winnings to a customer's table. Payment is collected by taking the cash-boxes from each barrier at the end of a session of bingo. 
 The conveyor-belt system in these barriers reduces the number of cash-boxes to be emptied at the end of each session, reducing cashing-up time and ensuring that the payments are held more securely. Audit zones can also be set up along each conveyor, allowing you to see how many of each coin type were paid in through each area of the barrier. This allows you to pinpoint any areas of money loss.