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Bingo Equipment

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Outdoor Units

Outdoor units, are designed to accommodate your outdoor given area. This makes an ideal solution for smoking areas for players not to miss out on any gaming. Leisure Electronics manufactures, both free-standing double-sided units and single-sided ones suitable for mounting against a wall. The most popular features are:-

  • Shutterboard cards
  • Cash boxes
  • Credit and valid indicators
  • Integrated loudspeakers
  • coin mechanism to suit your requirements
  • Seven-segment display for credit and current number called
  • A wide range of casings and appearance

The idea behind these units is that the players enter the game in the same way as is done on barrier positions. This is advantageous in the fact that you can place an outdoor unit in an area where your customers will be away from the main barrier - These units can be very varied in shape and size, and can have as many players as you require within the space permissible.