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Bingo Equipment

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Stage Equipment

Leisure Electronics can provide equipment on and around the stage of your choice ,

The stage display showing information to the customer can be from the latest Full Colour Matrix, this can display public gaming information and can advertise and inform on promotions. Alternatively a traditional 1-90 display with current prize money, called number, total numbers called and book sales open and close figures.
We can offer the following features, and more should you have a specific requirement:

  • Colour matrix displays, providing the opportunity for advertising and promotions
  • 1-90 display
  • Automatic prize money displays
  • Booksales displays
  • Illuminated perspex indicator panel in the style and colour of your choice
  • Integral and independent moving message displays
  • Header boards
  • Stage-mimic displays, allowing you to have players in parts of your club which cannot see the main stage display
  • Current number and total calls display

The Calling unit can accommodate a single or dual monitor and all the controls required to enables the caller to control the public video and stage equipment integrated with the stage displays and equipment of your choice. The facilities most commonly included in these units are:-

  • Colour monitor
  • 1-90, 1-80 and 1-75 number limits
  • Link operation
  • Jackpot facilities
  • Customised game titles
  • Game switching (manual or automatic)
  • Full video selection
  • Sound controls
  • Card checking
  • National Game validation
  • Current and total number displays
  • Automatic video switching