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13th July 2008

Sunday the 13th was a lucky day for one customer at the Riva club in Cricklewood when she called house and won a massive bonus jackpot prize of £104,378.49.

Riva Bingo are the first chain of bingo clubs in the United Kingdom to play Multi Jackpot Bingo known as MJB™ . This game is extremely popular in the United States, and is exclusively available in the UK from Leisure Electronics in partnership with Planet Bingo.

The format of the game is unique because customers have a chance of winning the jackpots when playing a single line, two lines, or full house game on any of the eight pages of the main session book, which gives a possible 120 chances to win extra cash for just £2.

MJB™ bingo has been played in Riva clubs since 28th April 2008 and to date customers have won a total of £422682.15 extra jackpot prizes in addition to their regular prize money.

Leisure Electronics would like to congratulate Mrs Winner and Riva Bingo on the success of MJB™ .


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